The Wright family was a family that lived in Prince Edward Island at the end of the 19th century.

About the familyEdit


Members by birth

  • Anne Cordelia Wright
  • Bessie Wright
  • Cliffie Wright
  • Eben Wright
  • Elisha Wright
  • Fred Wright
  • Isaac Wright
  • Jack Wright
  • Jim Wright
  • Lizzie Wright
  • Lottie Wright
  • Miss Wright
  • Mr. Wright – Fred's father
  • Mr. Wright
  • Ned Wright
  • Rob Wright

Members by marriage

  • Diana Wright (nee Barry)
  • Mrs. Eben Wright
  • Mrs. Elisha Wright
  • Mrs. Isaac Wright

Related members

  • Henrietta
  • Mary Alice Wright
  • Mrs. Isaac Wright's grandfather

Related familiesEdit



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