"But just up the river a little way from the house there was a long green valley, and the loveliest echo lived there. It echoed back every word you said, even if you didn't talk a bit loud. So I imagined it was a little girl named Violetta and we were great friends and I loved her almost as well as I loved Katie Maurice--not quite, but almost, you know."
Anne Shirley[src]

Violetta was an imaginary friend invented by Anne Shirley.


After her leaving the Thomases' and arriving at the Hammonds', Anne had to leave Katie Maurice (who lived in the bookcase door) and say goodbye to her. There was no bookcase at the Hammonds', but there was a valley that made echoes. Anne, imagining that it was a little girl who was returning the echoes, named her Violetta and became good friends with her.

Behind the scenesEdit


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