Vera Fry was Hazel Marr's friend, the member of Fry family and a resident of Summerside, Prince Edward Island.


Early lifeEdit

Vera was born probably in 1871 (she was in Hazel's age who was 18 in spring 1889) in Summerside to Mr. and Mrs. Fry. She was raised there and attended Summerside High School.


Vera was engaged with her beau probably in spring 1889. Her fiance gave her sapphire ring and a quill pen he made out of a feather picked up that fell from a crow's wing.

"'Let your spirit soar to heaven with it whenever you use it, like the bird who once bore it."
—Vera's fiance to her.


Vera was extremely talkative. It is assumed she was not a very pleasant personality.


Vera is a female given name of Slavic origin and means faith.


Book appearances

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