Friday was my lucky day. By accident I found the 2016 film online - brilliant quality and with Czech dubbing (Czech is one of the languages I understand and even speak) that was made for the Czech broadcast on HBO. Even though I wanted to order the DVD and watch the movie with the original sound, I couldn't resist and had to see it as soon as I could. I still want to order the DVD to hear the original voices, but the dubbing was (surprisingly) not that bad.

When it comes to the movie... almost everything I want to say, is already covered in Eikakou and Susannah's reviews and I feel pretty much the same about it. I particularly liked Botsford's Marilla - I'm not saying she was the perfect Marilla, but I liked the way she portrayed the character. Several scenes are still on my mind - when she put a chair in front of her door during Anne's first night at Green Gables, when she laughed after Anne's prayer, when she defended Anne after insulting Rachel and when she knew that Muriel (lady at the post office) would read her letter.

Matthew was more vocal and less shy than he should be, but... Sheen was really charming and did a good job. I thought that Anne would be very annoying, but surprisingly, she wasn't and I fully enjoyed Ella's performance. The dubbing might have altered the whole watching experience, yet I still liked her take on the character.

The other characters didn't have enough screen time - I liked Mrs. Lynde (the actress kind of reminded me of British historian Ruth Goodman in Victorian and Edwardian Farm), Diana (I agree that the fairy talk was out of character for her) and Josie and that's all, I guess. Gilbert barely appeared and he just didn't look like Gilbert - with the hair he had in the film he could've played Charlie or Moody, but not Gilbert. He should've been older than Anne, but in the film they seem to be peers. The others are not easy to judge - not enough screen time, as I mentioned.

I think the film as a whole was charming and had many nice scenes in it. But I'm also convinced that some scenes were just rushed or not as dramatic as they should've been - rescuing Minnie May, Mrs. Barry forbidding and allowing Anne and Diana to be friends, the brooch thing, Anne refusing to go to school after Gilbert teased her and many more.

Being a big fan of good cinematography, I enjoyed many beautiful shots in the film, but some of them were just weird - the camera was shaking too much, for instance. I already knew that they had used some stock footage, but it was so obvious in the film that you could tell for sure that "that" scene was not shot by the filmmakers. They even used photographs during some scenes and you could see that it's only a photo because the leaves were not moving. Also, the opening credits were rather amateur. They should've used different font - this one reminded me of the 1990s movies or some low-budget student films. According to the ending credits, Natalia Payne's character is named Mrs. Larkin. Her name was not mentioned during the scene she appeared in (or so I believe), but Marilla mentions Mrs. Beatty near the end of the film. I'm not really sure if they are different characters or if there's just a mistake in the credits. Also, some characters are not mentioned in the credits - Minister, Mrs. Spencer and Mr. Thomas.

To sum up, the film was not perfect and had many technical issues as well as miscast characters and rushed scenes. However, despite everything I mentioned, I quite enjoyed it and I want to watch it again. I'm also looking forward to the sequels. My rating: 7/10

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