Trix Taylor was the daughter of Cyrus and Mrs. Taylor, the sister of Esme and Pringle, and one of Anne Shirley's friends.


Early lifeEdit

Trix was born in late 1867 or early 1868 in Summerside to Cyrus Taylor and his wife, Mrs. Taylor. She was raised there along with her older sister Esme and six years younger brother Pringle.

She attended Summerside High School and was in Katherine Brooke's class.

Engagement of Esme and Lennox CarterEdit

In February 1888 she visited Windy Poplars and told Anne about her troubles with her father. Lennox Carter fell in love with Trix's sister, Esme, and was invited for supper in Taylors' house. She was afraid that her father had one of his spells on. She invited Anne for a supper and hoped for her help.

Anne came the next day to Trix's house. Cyrus was in a dreadful humour, because Hugh Pringle beat him at a game of checkers that afternoon. Lennox Carter came, but they all were silent. Then Anne ot a great idea. She told Lennoy that Cyrus Taylor went deaf very suddenly last week.

"Such an affliction for poor papa. And him only sixty-eight."
—Trix to Lennox Carter.

Then Trix and Pringle asked Lennox what he thought about man who refused to let his wife have a dog, gave his wife a pair of goloshes for a Christmas present or believed the earth was flat. He thought they were talking about their father. When Mrs. Taylor accused him of chochet, he exploded and apologized. Esme and Dr. Carter were engaged.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She was a jolly, plump little creature, with twinkling brown eyes and rosy cheeks, and did not look as if life weighed too heavily on her twenty years."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 9


Trix is a female given name and means voyager (through life) or blessed, short for the variant of Latin name Beatrix.


Book appearances

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