Tillie Boulter was a student of Avonlea school and a classmate of Anne Shirley.


Tiilie Boulter was most likely born in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. At the age of six, she began her studies at Avonlea school.

In 1876, she was taught by Mr. Phillips and told the new student, Anne Shirley, that the teacher was dead gone on Prissy Andrews, one of their older schoolmates. On the same day, she let Anne wear her bead ring all the afternoon.[1]

A few days later, Mr. Phillips told Anne to sit next to Gilbert Blythe because of her late arrival to the classroom. Anne consequently stated that she wouldn't come back to school any more. Tillie was the one who told Rachel Lynde about the drama on her way home from school. She took Anne's side and claimed all the scholars did too.[2]




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