• Welcome back here, Susannah! I'm really glad that you are still very enthusiastic about this Wiki and I hope you did well on your exams. ;)

    I'm really busy right now, the workload at uni is just crazy, but I'm trying to help out when I have enough time - or when I need a moment off from studying. Now I mainly focus on the behind the scenes info from the filming of both the TV series Anne and the two film sequels. I also edit pages concerning Project Green Gables and there is a little announcement I wanted to make for you (and also the other editors) to know:

    I am aware that the crew episode count for Season 2 (and for the entire series as well) is not accurate and it is not being updated. The thing is that the producers use the same crew list for almost every episode and the only certain thing is the cast (because you can see who actually appeared in the episode). This situation is why our episode counts are a little bit off and why the episodes are not at the IMDb. I wrote an email to the creators more than a month ago, but there hasn't been any reply yet. I'll write them again when I have enough time. :) 

    I recently visited the official website of the Cracked Slate group and the whole content is gone. The page now says Coming soon. The other social media accounts are not updated, but maybe there is a chance that we get a third web series? 

    I don't have anything else on my mind right now, but you can contact me anytime you want. :)

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    • Welcome back, WithAnH :) (It's monotonous if all you call Susannah ;))

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    • Thank you both! My name is actually Susannah, so I really don't mind getting called it all the time! WithAnH is funny, though. It's nice to be back.

      I hadn't even noticed the PGG problem yet! Not to worry - your explanation makes sense and I hope we can get the issue sorted out soon. It's a surprise about the Cracked Slate production. I thought for sure that they had (sadly) dropped the ball. Hopefully we'll get some more news and the project won't be forever stuck in development hell.

      Right now I am going to finish cleaning up the RoI library pages, as well as add to the books timeline as much as I can. The category system also needs fixing - I was partway through a big project when I took a break.

      I do want to say that I am very VERY happy with how the galleries are turning out - I know there is lots to go, but right now they look SO good. It's exactly what I wanted when I decided to build gallery pages - everyone contributes as much as they can, and we end up with a big collection of covers. The end result is impressive.

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    • You're welcome. :) If you are interested in more details about the PGG situation and you want to know what exactly is going on, here is what I wrote them in my email:

      "[...] The thing is that the same crew list was used for 4 episodes in a row and my intuition tells me that it's not correct. The crew list in question was first used in episode 2.4 ("Making Friends 101") with Laura as Director, Janika as Writer, Tuulia as Cinematographer and Lyydia as Editor. The following week's episode ("Molding Young Minds") had the same crew list. That's not weird, things like that happen, the four of them could write, film and edit two episodes in a row and it would be normal. But I noticed one thing. There was only one credit in the cast section - Laura as Anne. The credits for Viviana and Juho playing Jane and Gilbert were not there. That's when I knew that the whole video description was likely copied from the previous week. I thought you knew about it and that you would edit it. [...] The same crew list was also used for two following episodes ("Miss Shirley's First Week" and "Hair Update") and that's exactly when my updating attempts got stuck as I couldn't tell for sure if Laura-Janika-Tuulia-Lyydia really made those episodes or it's just the ongoing mistake."

      I wrote this email on October 2. The crew list has been used several times since then.

      I'm really happy about the book cover galleries as well! I'm particularly proud of SarahCB's job, she managed to extend most of our galleries. And I know how difficult it can be as I was doing research on several languages (including Swedish, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Polish and of course Slovak). It is not an easy job, you are practically confused all the time becuase you find a book cover and you cannot tell when it was published - there are at least 7 possible years, book sellers often lie and use incorrect images or information and you have to be aware of rule no. 1 - YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYTHING OR ANYONE. You have to double check everything.

      I recently found an article about the LMM book collection on . There are many covers of English editions that we don't have in our galleries, but it is very likely that a further research will be needed (to find out if the publication dates are correct).

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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