• Hi there! I know the new Anne of Green Gables show will be premiering in 2017 and I wanted to help out in any way I can. I could to do this in multiple ways such as creating a new background skin and adding relevant information to the Character, Works, and Portal sections of the wiki. Anything and everything I change and/or add is subject to your approval of course.

    I also wanted to let you know that currently the wikia polls aren't working on mobile. We know that they are a great way to survey the community so we recommend replacing them with another mainpage unit. Pollsnacks is super easy to incorporate and I can change it for you if you like.

    Let me know if my helping out would be something that you and the community might be interested in. :)

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    • Hello! Thank you for your interest. :) I knew about the polls not working, but to be honest, mobile experience is not really one of my priorities. However, if PollSnack works, I don't mind using it.

      A new background for the wiki, at least temporarily in promotion of the new TV series, would be great, as we've been thinking of changing the current one for quite some time. Perhaps it will be easier to create one when more promo pics are out? Also, LilyLacreag and I can tell you more about what needs to be done closer to when the TV series airs (I don't have Netflix so I don't know if/when I'll be able tow watch it), but you can also talk to LilyLacreag (who's on holiday at the moment), as I'm sure you know. I noticed she's already given you a debriefing, so there's not much more I need to say! But yes, your help is definitely appreciated, especially for PollSnack and a new background skin.

      Thanks again for dropping by :)

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    • Awesome! :) I look forward to working with both of you!

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    • I'm looking forward to working with you too! And I'm really excited about the new TV show and the fact that somebody actually came here and said "Hi, I want to help you with it." :)

      I'm already back home and as Susannah said, there's not much to do right now. The filming is supposed to start in several days/weeks, I only know that Moira (the producer/writer) was recently looking for the right locations in Prince Edward Island and Ontario. I'm sure they already have the contract with the actress who's gonna play Anne, but there hasn't been any press release about her identity yet. Actually, the background with the promotional pictures might attract the possible viewers and fans of the upcoming series, so I'm okay with it. 

      (A little side note... do you think that I have Netflix? Not a chance! I watch everything online... That's how I intend to watch the show, by the way. :) )

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    • Hi again! Okay so I went ahead and changed the background just until we get more images for the upcoming CBC universe. I also created a new poll using Pollsnacks and created a new page to archive the previous poll. For future polls, I created this How-to Guide to help you make the switch! Let me know if you like it or if I need to make changes. Let me know what you think or if you need anything changed/edited. :)

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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