• In case you don't check your email regularly (I have two email adresses myself and I check one of them like once a month - then I'm always surprised with the amount of unopened messages.) I just want you to know that I wrote you a very long email yesterday. :D You don't have to reply immediately, I just wanted to tell you about it because I don't know if you already found it or not. :) 

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    • This is excellent timing, haha. I've been writing a reply for the past fifteen minutes and was literally just reading it over and going to press the 'send' button when I saw this. So you should get a long email in your inbox very soon :)

      (And people always think I never check my email/messages/facebook/anything, but that's because I'm just really bad at replying in a timely manner!)

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    • Intuition or sixth sense? :D Like I said, I was just making sure - I know many people who don't check their emails and it's not like on Facebook with the "Seen" word. Thanks, I'm looking forward to reading it. ;)

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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