• I've noticed that you changed the layout of the CoA library page. I understand your intention and value your time and effort, but I feel that the page looks overcomplicated and slightly chaotic. I don't know if you want to change also other libraries, but the other books have more than 30 chapters and the tabview would not look good. Also, the CoA chapters are linked from their respective main pages – those links can direct you only to the subpages, not the tabview page.

    On the other hand, I like that the title is now in the middle, it looks good. :)

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    • Yes, I think I decided in the end that it just looked way too messy, but didn't have time to change it back just then. I will do so, but I think I'll keep a couple of the smaller changes, such as the title in the middle and the slightly altered navbox at the bottom. Thanks for your input. I was experimenting with several different things at the same time, and some are definitely more sensible than others.

      edit: I've now fixed the pages up, but kept/added a few minor things:

      • centred the title of the story/chapter
      • changed the DISPLAYTITLE to more appropriate things
      • changed the footer navbox slightly
      • linked the articles for chapters of CoA to their library pages

      I have not changed the AoGG and RoI chapter pages, but will do so.

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    • It looks really great now! And thank you for adding categories for the CoA stories and cast lists. I wasn't sure which categories would be the best and I didn't want to cause any chaos.

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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