• Hi Susannah! I wish you only the best and may all your dreams come true! (I am also happy for you to have the new Anne books - I know EXACTLY how you feel!)

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    • Thank you!! It's so wonderful having someone to talk to who I know loves Anne as much as I do. (I've only got one in real life -- my little sister and fellow Road to Avonlea watcher.) Also, I see how busy you are -- all the best with your studies and other endeavours!

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    • You're welcome. :) You're lucky, I don't have anyone in real life who understands my love for Montgomery's books. I have fellow fans of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings or various TV shows, but none of them is an Anne fan.

      I recently ordered the new Slovak edition of AoGG as a Christmas present. I'm looking forward to read it as it should be "updated" version. The first three books were published here in 1959 and 1969 while we were still under the USSR influence. That's why many sentences or even whole paragraphs are not included in the Slovak version - just because there were mentions of religion in general, (God, Providence, praying etc.), capitalism (American hotel guests) or violence (Davy mentions chickens hopping about after their heads are cut of). I've read a very interesting article about it and it analysed the whole problem and included a comparison. According to that, 1,3% of the original is not included in the old translation, that's why I ordered the new version immediately. :D (I ramble too much again.)

      Well, I'm busy all the time. :D Tomorrow I'm heading to London for a short trip. (The last chance to relax before the forthcoming months of studying.) I should be back on Sunday and then I'll try to edit some stuff here. Thank you and I wish you the same! ;)

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    • About the new Slovak edition -- that's really interesting! I knew about the USSR's control and influence, of course, but I didn't realise it would have affected translations that much. However, it makes so much sense in hindsight.

      I read your line about heading to London for a short trip and found it really funny, because in Australia, every country is overseas, and it takes forever to get anywhere (Melbourne to Perth, which is one side of the country to another, takes four HOURS by plane -- meaning that it's actually quicker to go to New Zealand!), so the idea of just going a few countries away for a short trip sounds extraordinary. I know people who have never been to another country. The notion of being able to randomly visit another country or two -- just like that! -- still blows my mind. :D

      I've finished this school year and don't start a new one (my last in high school) until late January, so I hope to be editing here during the holidays (well, you know what they say about good intentions ...).

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    • Happy Birthday, SusannahWithAnH!

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    • Thank you, Klap Trap! :)

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    • I'm finally back home, safe and sound! The trip was amazing and it was really great to visit all the landmarks. I'm a proper fangirl and it was really difficult for me to keep my mouth shut and not to tell my friends everything about their involvement in Harry Potter or Doctor Who. For me it was a dream come true. Sadly, we did not have time to visit King's Cross.

      Well, that is the disadvantage of Australia, I guess. It is easier to travel here in Europe as the countries are usually quite small. The flight to London took only about two hours. You just have to save up a lot of money - travelling usually isn't cheap. Well, at least from my point of view as my country is not very rich and Slovaks generally think twice before spending money.

      My laptop is currently being repaired, but I'm planning to contribute any time my mum borrows me hers. We'll see... :)

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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