"... a meek little man whom Avonlea people called 'Rachel Lynde's husband' ..."
Anne of Green Gables[src]

Thomas Lynde was the husband of Rachel Lynde.


Early lifeEdit

Thomas Lynde was born probably in 1810s in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Lynde. He attended Avonlea School at the age of six.


Thomas married Rachel Lynde, who was a busy, boisterous and very tenderhearted woman. Together, they had twelve children. Rachel took good care of her husband, even if she was bossy. Their youngest son, eight years prior to Anne of Avonlea, had gone west. His loving parents took a lease on the farm in order to give him a start out there. This would eventually impact Rachel a great deal.

Thomas grew very sick, and the doctor's bill had to be paid. Rachel wondered what she would do without her husband.


"You've been a good wife to me, Rachel."
—Thomas' last words to Rachel[src]

The cause of Thomas's death is unknown. He died during Anne of Avonlea. Rachel mourned the loss of her husband greatly. Eventually, she moved in with the Cuthberts because she could not keep her house. After his death Rachel moved to Green Gables, where her neighbour Marilla Cuthbert lived.


"... a meek little man whom Avonlea people called 'Rachel Lynde's husband' ..."
Anne of Green Gables[src]

Thomas was very quiet and was made to be ruled, as Marilla Cuthbert said. He had "no backbone", so his mother and then Rachel ruled him well.

Physical appearanceEdit


Thomas is a male given name of Aramaic origin and means twin.

Behind the scenesEdit


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