"The Swim of Things" is the 15th episode of Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series.


It's swimming time at the pond and everybody is having fun; everybody, that is, except Felix. Felix is a poor swimmer and because of this he is discouraged and disheartened. Like everybody else, Anne is impatient with her friend's limitations. However, when an injury sidelines her, Felix helps her with her exercises. Soon the two unlikely friends are hard at work, helping one another train.


It’s summer holiday, and the children (Anne, Diana, Gilbert, Felicity, Felix, Victoria, and Perry) gather on the shore of Barry’s pond. Matthew finishes securing the wharf in the middle of the pond, and the kids compete in swimming to claim it. Felicity and Gilbert are the biggest rivals among the children. Felix is reluctant to join the others and does not feel confident about his abilities. Gilbert’s mocking only worsens the matter. Diana assures him that he would get better with the help of their swimming coach, Lorne.

Lorne is Perry’s older brother who came home for summer holiday from college. Based on the fact they all know how to swim, he decides to improve their skills and promises a demonstration to show the town their abilities. Children start their training, but Felix stays on the shore, eating chocolate. Felicity, Gilbert and Anne want to impress Lorne by their loops into the water. However, Anne trips over on the wharf and injures her shoulder. She feels humiliated and tries to play it cool, but her arm hurts. Lorne warns the children and tells them to be careful around water.

Anne wears a bandage and cannot join the others for the rest of the day. Felix envies her and later explains Lorne that he fears he cannot measure up with the other children. The coach suggests diving as it is a solitary sport and he demonstrates a dive off an old tree. Felix follows him, but he loses balance and falls down with a huge splash. The kids laugh at him, so he runs away. Anne chases Felix to the cliffs, where he admits that he liked diving, but he cannot stand the others laughing. He doubts he can learn to dive off a branch, which sparks an idea in Anne’s head.

In the evening Anne and Felix ask Matthew to build them a proper diving tower. Matthew knows it means much to Felix, so he agrees. The children promise to help him. Later in his room, Felix practices diving off a tower made of books. He realizes it’s way past his bedtime when Felicity comes to check on him. Felix pretends he’s asleep, but when Felicity leaves, he continues practising for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Matthew and the children work on the diving tower, but Felix is very tired and is of no help. Matthew sends them to the village to fetch him some nails. Felix gets excited as Mr Lawson’s new soda machine finally arrived. Anne initially disapproves of soda based on what Marilla told her, but eventually both buy some and return to the pond. After having three sodas, Felix doesn’t feel well, and his burping affects his diving performance. Lorne promises to give Felix and Anne special exercises to improve their skills and to help Anne’s shoulder heal.

After the practice, the other children go to the Lawson’s to get sodas. However, Lorne tells Anne and Felix to eat better and get proper sleep for the morning practice. Not hearing his advice, Felicity later cannot fall asleep and is hyperactive and giddy. The next morning, Lorne gives Anne and Felix several exercises. The stretching eventually helps Felix perform his dive perfectly and show his natural talent.


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Writer: Michael MacLennan


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Eight episodes of the animated series have not been released on DVD, namely "The Swim of Things", "The Witch of Avonlea", "A Square Peg!", "Marbles!", "A Condition of Superstition", "A Welcome Hero", "No Anne is an Island" and "Anne's Disappearing Allowance".


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