"The Stray" is the third episode of Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series.


A stray dog arrives on the doorstep of Green Gables. Anne immediately falls in love with the pooch and is determined to keep it. Marilla is against the idea; they have enough animals and a dog is a great deal of responsibility. When nobody comes to claim the pet, Anne schemes to keep him.


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Guest cast

  • Jake Goldsbie as McGuffin Boy


Behind the scenesEdit


This episode was released as part of the DVD box set Volumes 4-6, along with "Carrots!", "A Bully by the Horns", "Chores Eclipsed", "The Best Partner", and "A Question of Rules".


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"The Stray" (Kids Talk)04:09

"The Stray" (Kids Talk)

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