Teddy Phillips was a teacher at Avonlea school and most likely the husband of Prissy Andrews.


Early lifeEdit

Teddy Phillips was probably born in the late 1850s, somewhere on Prince Edward Island. He attended the local school and decided to continue with his studies.

Teaching in AvonleaEdit

He was a teacher in Avonlea because his uncle was in the school authority.


Mr. Phillips was very boring and crude. He was infatuated with Prissy Andrews, one of the students, and he tutored her.

Physical appearanceEdit


Teddy is a male given name, variant Greek name Theodore which means God's gift or its English variant Ted.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In Anne of Green Gables (1979), Mr. Phillips married Prissy. The books give no indication whether Mr. Phillips' courtship of Prissy continued after he left Avonlea.


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