Spencervale is a village in Prince Edward Island, near Avonlea, East Grafton, Newbridge, and Bright River.



Spencervale is approximately six miles from Avonlea, two miles from Bright River and near East Grafton. It apparently lies on the road between Avonlea and Bright River and could be situated two miles from Newbridge.


  • Baptist church
  • Manse
  • Post Office
  • School
  • Store


  • Martin Bovyer
  • Atossa Coates
  • Samson Coates
  • Martha Copp
  • Sarah Copp
  • Sylvia Gray
  • Max Irving
  • Huldah Jane Keyson
  • Wesley Keyson
  • Ella Kimball
  • Jimmy Kimball
  • Leonard Kimball
  • Mrs. Kimball
  • Teddy Kimball
  • Abraham Lloyd
  • Mrs. Abraham Lloyd
  • Margaret Lloyd
  • Mrs. Marshall
  • James Martin
  • Ismay Meade
  • Sue Meade
  • Janet Moore
  • Mary Moore
  • Mrs. Moore
  • Chester Ross
  • Mrs. Chester Ross
  • Mary Senter
  • Amelia Spencer
  • Jack Spencer
  • Laura Spencer
  • Mattie Spencer
  • Mrs. Spencer
  • William Spencer
  • Chris Stewart

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In Anne of Avonlea it is mentioned that it was ten miles from Avonlea to Spencervale. However, in Chronicles of Avonlea it is stated that the distance between the two villages was only six miles. This information is most likely correct as it was eight miles from Avonlea to Bright River and the distance between Spencervale and Bright River was two miles.


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