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Sophia Crawford
Biographical information


Also known as

Cousin Sophia

Physical information


Hair colour


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Family information
Family members
  • Susan Baker (cousin)
  • Matilda Clow (cousin)
  • Mr. Baker (cousin)
  • first husband
  • second husband
  • Mr. Crawford (third husband)

Crawford family

Sophia Crawford was the cousin of Susan Baker and the wife of Mr. Crawford.


Early life

Sophia was born in 1850s probably in Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island, or nearby villages. She was raised there along with her cousins Susan, Matilda and their brother.

One day in Sunday School, Sophia and Susan quarrelled over card that said God is Love. There was a shower of sparks, and the two parted ways and never spoke again.


Sophia Crawford married three gentlemen, each of whom died.

Life in Glen

Sophia features as a semi-crucial character. She is most often in the shadows, and has a habit of placidly folding her hands across her stomach, sighing "ah, me!", or calling for Albert.


Sophia was a very dismal person; Rilla sometimes describes her as a crow in her diary. Sophia was apt to look on the dark side of things, and rarely ever was cheerful. WWI was a perfect time for her to do this.

Physical appearance


Sophia is a female given name of Greek origin and means wisdom.


Book appearances

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