"The Sloanes are good, honest, respectable people, of course. But when all's said and done, they're Sloanes."
Rachel Lynde[src]

The Sloane family was a large and disagreeable family in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island.

About the familyEdit

The Sloanes were similar to the Pyes, in size and in personality. Although they were disagreeable, they were also very friendly and kind most of the time. Sloanes were known to get seasick easily.

"Every village has such a family; good, honest, respectable people they may be, but SLOANES they are and must ever remain, though they speak with the tongues of men and angels."
Marilla Cuthbert's thoughts on the Sloane family[src]


Members by birth

  • Abner Sloane
  • Arty Sloane — student of Anne Shirley, sat with Jacob Donnell
  • Benjie Sloane — student of Anne, answered why toads shouldn't be killed
  • Carrie Sloane — schoolmate of Anne, member of A.V.I.S., dared Ruby to climb to a certain point in the huge old willow tree, courted with Oliver Kimball
  • Carrie Sloane's father
  • Charlie Sloane — classmate of Anne Shirley, student of Avonlea school, Queen's Academy and Redmond College
  • Charlie Sloane's grandfather — his wife saw him driving home the cows after he'd been buried for a year
  • Chester Sloane — student of Anne, wanted to be a blacksmith
  • Clifton Sloane — member of A.V.I.S., drove the milk to the Carmody cheese factory
  • Dorcas Sloane
  • Hiram Sloane
  • Jabez Sloane — bought Jordan Gray's farm after Hester's death
  • Jennie Sloane — student of Anne, Milty Boulter told her she was sweet
  • Joe Sloane — student of Anne Shirley, threw firecrackers into the fire
  • Josiah Sloane — Eben Wright wished that A.V.I.S. could induce him to keep his whiskers trimmed
  • Lily Sloane — student of Anne, made a compact at Sunday School to sit with Dora Keith
  • Miranda Sloane — schoolmate of Anne, studied for Queen's Academy without help of Mr. Phillips
  • Morgan Sloane — he and his wife were short and fat and tall and lean
  • Old Mr. Sloane
  • Olivia Sloane — teacher at Avonlea school in the late 1890s
  • Oliver Sloane — member of A.V.I.S., moved that they tart a subscription to re-shingle and paint the hall
  • Peter Sloane — Cottons rented his old house, didn't know what was octogenerian
  • Sam Sloane — schoolmate of Anne, at concert he tried to explain and illustrate "How Sockery Set a Hen"
  • Silas Sloane — David Gray lived at his place a long time ago
  • Sophia Sloane — classmate of Anne Shirley, lent her pink card with "May I see you home?", offered Anne to teach her an elegant pattern of knit lace
  • Teddy Sloane — student of Anne, Davy wanted to fight him
  • Tommy Sloane — classmate of Anne, had team of crickets
  • Warren Sloane — father of Joe, Mr. Donnell was sent to town to bring firecrackers for him

Members by marriage

  • Charlie Sloane's grandmother — very religious woman, saw her husband driving home the cows after he'd been buried for a year
  • Chester Sloane's grandmother — wanted Chester to become a minister
  • Grandmother Sloane
  • Mrs. Sloane — mother of Charlie
  • Mrs. Charlie Sloane — wife of Charlie
  • Mrs. Hiram Sloane — wife of Hiram, A.V.I.S. persuaded her to keep her cow off the road, made popular nut cakes
  • Mrs. Morgan Sloane — wife of Morgan, she and her husband were short and fat and tall and lean
  • Mrs. Peter Sloane — wife of Peter, didn't know what was octogenerian, gossiped with Mrs. Harmon Andrews and Mrs. William Bell
  • Mrs. Silas Sloane
  • Old Mrs. Sloane — wiped her tears away after Anne's recitations


Behind the scenesEdit


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