Season 3 is the third season of Canadian TV series Road to Avonlea (1990-1996). It premiered with "The Ties That Bind" on January 12, 1992, and ended with "Old Friends, Old Wounds" on April 5, 1992.


Olivia’s simple wedding plans get wildly out of hand once Hetty takes over and alienates everyone in the family. Sara also has trouble with Hetty and trades places with a street-smart waif that passes as her double to get away from her controlling grasp. She lands in serious danger though when she runs away from home with Gus Pike.

Felix starts his own delivery service with the King horse Blackie, but a terrible accident occurs during a competition with a business rival. Felicity is invited to apply for a scholarship at Kingscourt Ladies College in Nova Scotia. In an effort to impress her fellow Kingsport peers, Felicity claims that her real parents were dead and that she was the inheritor of a vast fortune. Marilla Cuthbert dies without a will, leaving Rachel Lynde to fight for Green Gables.

Season 3 also features more guest stars including Christopher Lloyd who won an Emmy for playing Avonlea’s effervescent new school teacher, Alistair Dimple.


Main cast
Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley (13/13)/Jo Pitts (2/13)
Jackie Burroughs as Hetty King (13/13)
Zachary Bennett as Felix King (13/13)
Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King (13/13)
Lally Cadeau as Janet King (12/13)
Mag Ruffman as Olivia King (11/13)
Harmony Cramp as Cecily King (10/13)
Cedric Smith as Alec King (7/13)

Recurring cast

Elva Mai Hoover as Mrs. Lawson (9/13)
Maja Ardal as Mrs. Potts (7/13)
Alex Floyd as Daniel King (7/13)
Ryan Floyd as Daniel King (7/13)
Michael Mahonen as Gus Pike (7/13)
Barbara Hamilton as Mrs. Bugle (6/13)
Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde (6/13)

Tara Meyer as Sally Potts (5/13)
Roger Dunn as Bert Potts (4/13)
John Friesen as Archie Gillis (4/13)
Michael Longstaff as Rupert Gillis (4/13)
Valentina Cardinalli as Jane Spry (3/13)
R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale (3/13)

Guest cast

Peter Donaldson as Reverend Leonard (2/13)
Don Francks as Abe Pike (2/13)
Ken James as Hank Webster (2/13)
Colin O'Meara as Buck Hogan (2/13)
James O'Regan as Abner Jeffres (2/13)
Vivian Reis as Mrs. Spencer (2/13)
Chick Roberts as Mr. Biggins (2/13)
Gillian Steeve as Clemmie Ray (2/13)
Janet Amos as Mrs. Spry (1/13)
Ned Beatty as Wally Higgins (1/13)
Bruce Boa as Mr. Harrison (1/13)
Patricia Carroll Brown as Miss McKay (1/13)
Susan Cox as Peg Bowen (1/13)
Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe (1/13)
Shirley Douglas as Miss Cavendish (1/13)
Roger Dunn as Bert Potts (1/13)
Rosemary Dunsmore as Aunt Abigail (1/13)
Denise Fergusson as Mrs. Tarbush (1/13)
John Gilbert as Wellington Campbell (1/13)
Paul Haddad as Theodore Simpkin (1/13)
Kay Hawtrey as Mrs. Sloan (1/13)
Irene Hogan as Mrs. McCorkadale (1/13)
Lisa Horner as Margaret Filedcrest (1/13)
Lisa Hynes as Cornelia Bugle (1/13)
Christina James as Miss Plover (1/13)
London Juno as Agnes Forbes (1/13)

Mia Kirshner as Emily Everett-Smythe (1/13)
Francois Klanfer as Theatre Manager (1/13)
Keith Knight as Reverend Fitzsimmons (1/13)
Kyle Labine as Davey Keith (1/13)
Tyler Labine as Alphie Bugle (1/13)
Brendan Leufkens as Lucky (1/13)
Christopher Lloyd as Alistair Dimple (1/13)
Judy Marshak as Miss Grindstaff (1/13)
Micki Maunsell as Miss Wright (1/13
Albert Millaire as Pierre Jean Lapierre (1/13)
Ashley Muscroft as Dora Keith (1/13)
Kate Nelligan as Sydney Carver (1/13)
John Neville as Percy Methley (1/13)
Louise Nicol as Miss Kerr (1/13)
Ron Payne as Pat Shore (1/13)
Lucy Peacock as Amelia Sandhurst (1/13)
Miklos Perlus as Peter Craig (1/13)
Christopher Reeve as Robert Rutherford (1/13)
Fiona Reid as Maude Craig (1/13)
Wayne Robson as Amos Spry (1/13)
Christian Tessier as Mole (1/13)
Kay Tremblay as Great Aunt Eliza (1/13)
Louise Vallance as Amanda Stone (1/13)
Chris Wiggins as Mr. McCorkadale (1/13)
Gordon Michael Woolvett as Rat (1/13)
Marc Worden as Edward Ray (1/13)


Gordon Milroy as Worker (1/13)/Farmer (1/13)
Ron Tough as Farmer (1/13)/Bill (1/13)
Adrian Truss as Worker (2/13)
Jeff J.J. Authors as Purser (1/13)
Bob Bainborough as Markdale Constable (1/13)
Chris Benson as Heckler (1/13)
Tom Bishop as Man on Bike (1/13)
Joe Bostick as Sous Chef (1/13)
John Boylan as Markdale Constable (1/13)
Robert Buck as Farmer Steel (1/13)
Bill Copeland as Gentleman (1/13)
Jack Duffy as Jeweller (1/13)
Mary Durkan as Worker (1/13)

Donald Ewer as Guest (1/13)
Anne Holloway as Rose (1/13)
Nicky Gaudagni as Worker (1/13)
Alexa Gilmour as Katie (1/13)
Nolan Jennings as Bidder (1/13)
James Mainprize as Maitre d' (1/13)
Michael Matthews as Auctioneer (1/13)
Denise Naples as Prissy Woman (1/13)
Steve Pernie as Worker (1/13)
Don Saunders as Man (1/13)
Barry Stillwell as Markdale Man (1/13)
Donald Tripe as Nervous Candidate (1/13)
John Weir as Sailor (1/13)

Other cast

Luke as Digger (8/13)

Archive footage

Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla Cuthbert (1/13)


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