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This article is about the second season of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). You may be looking for the second season of Green Gables Fables (2014–2016) or Project Green Gables (2015–2016).

Season 2 is the second season of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). It premiered with "Sara's Homecoming" on December 2, 1990, only three weeks after the broadcast of first season's finale. The season ended with "Misfits and Miracles" on February 24, 1991.


Sara and her cousins continue to wreak havoc and land in trouble, much to the adults’ dismay and disapproval. 

After her father's death, Sara's stay in Avonlea is permanent. She visits a fortune teller in hopes of reuniting with her father, but is consequently kidnapped. Hetty recruits a new pupil, Gus Pike, and the King family learns about his mysterious past. Rachel and Marilla adopt twins, Davey and Dora Keith , but Davey proves to be troublesome. Janet King announces she’s pregnant with fourth child. Jasper and Olivia become engaged after a rival returns to win Olivia's hand in marriage. Alec forms a hockey team to challenge the town sawmill owner, who is strip cutting trees a mile from Avonlea. 

In addition to the light-hearted and fun-filled stories that dominated the first season of Road to Avonlea, each of these episodes is a textured and compelling exploration of life in the mythical farming village of Avonlea. The second season is a treasure trove of adventure, mystery, romance, family rivalry and comedy.


Main cast
Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley (13/13)
Jackie Burroughs as Hetty King (12/13)
Zachary Bennett as Felix King (11/13)
Mag Ruffman as Olivia King (11/13)
Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King (10/13)
Lally Cadeau as Janet King (9/13)
Cedric Smith as Alec King (9/13)
Harmony Cramp as Cecily King (8/13)

Recurring cast

Elva Mai Hoover as Mrs. Lawson (10/13)
Maja Ardal as Mrs. Potts (7/13)
Vivian Reis as Mrs. Spencer (6/13)
Marilyn Boyle as Mrs. Inglis (5/13)
Michael Polley as Dr. Blair (5/13)
Joel Blake as Andrew King (4/13)
Peter Donaldson as Reverend Leonard (4/13)
Anna Ferguson as Mrs. Biggins (4/13)

Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde (4/13)
Michael Mahonen as Gus Pike (4/13)
James O'Regan as Abner Jeffries (4/13)
Leslie Carlson as Mr. Lawson (3/13)
Miklos Perlus as Peter Craig (3/13)
Chick Roberts as Mr. Biggins (3/13)
R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale (3/13)

Guest cast

Susan Cox as Peg Bowen (2/13)
Marilyn Lightstone as Miss Stacey (2/13)
Ron White as Mr. Tyler (2/13)
Michael York as Ezekiel Crane (2/13)
Helen Beavis as Mrs. Simpson (1/13)
Robert Bednarski as Teddy Armstrong (1/13)
Joseph Bottoms as Edwin Clark (1/13)
James Bradford as Inspector Barwood (1/13)
Kevin Bundy as Teddy Penhallow (1/13)
Leo Burns as Mr. Drabble (1/13)
Tom Butler as Captain Borden (1/13)
Robert Collins as Blair Stanley (1/13)
Grant Cowan as Harry Middleton (1/13)
Peter Coyote as Romney Penhallow (1/13)
Amos Crawley as Jimmy Paterson (1/13)
Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla Cuthbert (1/13)
Don Francks as Abe Pike (1/13)
John Friesen as Archie Gillis (1/13)
Patricia Gage as Mrs. Hardy (1/13)
Ryan Gifford as Stephen Spry (1/13)
Andrew Gillies as Roger King (1/13)
Kay Hawtrey as Mabel Sloane (1/13)
Sean Hewitt as Howie Pinker (1/13)
Esther Hockin as Mrs. Purvis (1/13)

Frances Hyland as Nanny Banks (1/13)
Madeline Kahn as Pigeon Plumtree (1/13)
Kyle Labine as Davey Keith (1/13)
Michael Longstaff as Rupert Gillis (1/13)
Kate Lynch as Theodora Dixon (1/13)
Gordon Masten as Patrick Frewen (1/13)
Peter Messaline as James McKearney (1/13)
Tara Meyer as Sally Potts (1/13)
Ashley Muscroft as Dora Keith (1/13)
Leon Pownall as Mr. Hardy (1/13)
Gary Reineke as Jim Armstrong (1/13)
Wayne Robson as Amos Spry (1/13)
Sandra Scott as Mrs. Sloane (1/13)
Elizabeth Shepherd as Isis (1/13)
Amy Smith as Myrtle Blewett (1/13)
Rex Southgate as Mr. Heinrich (1/13)
Greg Spottiswood as David Hawes (1/13)
Gillian Steeve as Clemmie Ray (1/13)
Kay Tremblay as Great Aunt Eliza (1/13)
Terry Tweed as Mrs. Wiggins (1/13)
Thick Wilson as Angus McCorkadale (1/13)
Ashley Woos as May Spry (1/13)
Tom Wood as Bert MacKay (1/13)


Donald Carrier as Hotel Clerk (2/13)
John Bayliss as Bailiff (1/13)
Jacqueline Blais as Woman (1/13)
Janice Bryan as Maid (1/13)
Anne Butler as Teller (1/13)
Kay Caisley as Woman (1/13)
J. Winston Carroll as Leo (1/13)
Joan Heney as Woman (1/13)
Joel Keller as Pincher (1/13)

Charles Kerr as Lt. Governor (1/13)
Chelsie Lamie as Little Girl (1/13)
Elizabeth Leigh-Milne as Miss Carpenter (1/13)
Jack Mather as Station Master (1/13)/Man (1/13)
Christine Meilleur as Tight Rope Walker (1/13)
Adrian Pecknold as Photographer (1/13)
James Rankin as Reporter (1/13)
Sean Roberge as Cannery Boy (1/13)
Deborah Tennant as Mother of Girl (1/13)



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