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This article is about the first season of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). You may be looking for the first season of Green Gables Fables (2014˜–2016) or Project Green Gables (2015–2016).

Season 1 is the first season of Road to Avonlea (1990–1996). The season premiered with "The Journey Begins" on January 7, 1990, and ended with "Nothing Endures But Change" on November 11, 1990.


Sara Stanley is forced to live with her deceased mother’s relatives, the King Family, in the charming town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, after her father is charged with embezzlement. Despite the harsh discipline of her aunt Hetty and the pranks from her cousins, Felix and Felicity, Sara manages to adjust.

She befriends the shy inventor, Jasper Dale, and together they arrange a magic lantern show to replace stolen library funds. Afterwards, Sara is called the 'Story Girl' and her curiousity takes her on many adventures among the towns most eccentric people. When winter comes, Sara's father is acquitted of the charges and returns to take her home with him. Hetty refuses to depart with her niece however, and an old rivalry is rekindled.

Sara's journey down the Road to Avonlea takes her and the entire King Family through tales of romance, fancy, tragedy and comedy. Sara’s story is intertwined with many unforgettable L.M. Montgomery characters from the cast of the original Anne of Green Gables mini-series.


Main cast
Sarah Polley as Sara Stanley (13/13)
Cedric Smith as Alec King (12/13)
Lally Cadeau as Janet King (12/13)
Gema Zamprogna as Felicity King (12/13)
Zachary Bennett as Felix King (12/13)
Joel Blake as Andrew King (12/13)
Harmony Cramp as Cecily King (12/13)
Jackie Burroughs as Hetty King (11/13)
Mag Ruffman as Olivia King (10/13)

Recurring cast

Elva Mai Hoover as Mrs. Lawson (9/13)
Gillian Steeve as Clemmie Ray (8/13)
Miklos Perlus as Peter Craig (7/13)
Maja Ardal as Mrs. Potts (6/13)
Anna Ferguson as Mrs. Biggins (6/13)
Valentina Cardinalli as Jane Spry (5/13)
Leslie Carlson as Mr. Lawson (5/13)
Susan Cox as Peg Bowen (4/13)
James O'Regan as Abner Jeffries (4/13)

Chick Roberts as Mr. Biggins (4/13)
Sandra Scott as Mrs. Sloane (4/13)
Tara Meyer as Sally Potts (4/13)
Peter Donaldson as Reverend Leonard (3/13)
Barbara Gordon as Mrs. Ray (3/13)
Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde (3/13)
Michael Polley as Dr. Blair (3/13)
Amy Stewart as Nelly Shatford (3/13)
R.H. Thomson as Jasper Dale (3/13)

Guest cast

Robert Collins as Blair Stanley (2/13)
Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla Cuthbert (2/13)
Rosemary Dunsmore as Aunt Abigail (2/13)
Paul Haddad as Theodore Simpkin (2/13)
Malcolm Stoddard as Malcolm McEwan (2/13)
Marc Worden as Edward Ray (2/13)
Helen Beavis as Mrs. Simpson (1/13)
Tom Bishop as Mr. Beatty (1/13)
Lloyd Bochner as Mr. Cameron (1/13)
Zoe Caldwell as Old Lady Lloyd (1/13)
Billy Cody as Robert Bell (1/13)
Denise Ferguson as Mrs. Tarbush (1/13)
David Ferry as Harmon Andrews (1/13)
Eric Fink as Mr. Stewart (1/13)
John Gilbert as Mr. Campbell (1/13)

Frances Hyland as Nanny Banks (1/13)
Rebecca Jenkins as Sylvia Gray (1/13)
Tom Kneebone as Rev. Brinsmead (1/13)
Michael Longstaff as Fred Bell (1/13)
Ian MacDonald as Judson Parker (1/13)
James Mainprize as Mr. Bartholomew (1/13)
Gordon Masten as Pat Frewen (1/13)
W.O. Mitchell as Alexander Abraham (1/13)
Tom Peacock as Duncan McTavish (1/13)
Doris Petrie as Mrs. Lesley (1/13)
Fiona Reid as Mrs. Craig (1/13)
Wayne Robson as Amos Spry (1/13)
Rex Southgate as Mr. Heinrich (1/13)
Ron White as Mr. Tyler (1/13)


Melyssa Ade as Girl (1/13)
Rebecca Bernstein as Girl (1/13)
Al Black as Auction Man (1/13)
Streisan Chapman as Girl (1/13)
Alyson Court as Margie Purdie (1/13)
Pieter Dan Dijk as Boy (1/13)
Jane Dingle as Old Lady's Daughter (1/13)
Jim Feather as Maitre d' (1/13)
Robert Galbraith as Hotel Manager (1/13)
Al Heffering as Auction Man (1/13)
Jennifer Inch as Maid (1/13)
Mary Land as Young Woman (1/13)

Paul LaRocque as Chauffeur (1/13)
David Malek as Prince of Spelling (1/13)
Michael Matthews as Auctioneer (1/13)
Phyllis Novak as Maid (1/13)
Gladys O'Connor as Old Lady (1/13)
Jonathan Potts as Herschel (1/13)
John Shepherd as Henry (1/13)
Molly Thoom as Old Lady (1/13)
Kathryn Trainor as Lawson Niece (1/13)
Philip Wynne as Banker (1/13)
Bodie as Mr. Riley (1/13)



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