Sally Hill (née Nelson) was the daughter of Samuel and Jane Nelson, the sister of Nora and Tommy and the wife of Gordon Hill.


Early lifeEdit

Sally was born sometimes in the middle of 1860s in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Samuel Nelson and his wife, Jane. She was raised at Bonnyview along with her little brother Tommy and five sisters. They all married and left house, but Nora was still single.

Marriage with Gordon HillEdit


Sally and Gordon's wedding took place in Bonnyview, Summerside on June 30, 1888. Sally had her wedding gown from Montreal.

"My wedding-dress just came from Montreal today. It's a dream... cream corded silk with a lace bertha and pearl embroidery."
—Sally Nelson about her wedding dress to Anne Shirley.

Amy Stewart wanted to be Sally's bridesmaid, but she chose Anne Shirley because Amy was fat and dumpy. Sally invited her extended family including Grace Kennedy and many of her friends.

Vera Johnson was her great friend and should play wedding-march. But she got horrible headache and Nora played wedding-march after all. Gordon's groomsman was Jud Taylor - he had a conflict with Nora and she slapped him, first on one side of his face and then on the other.

After the wedding Anne set the light in the dormer-window that looked out across the harbour. In the night all woke up because they heard a noise. There was Jim Wilcox - he came because he saw the light. He proposed Nora and she accepted.

After weddingEdit

After honeymoon, Sally and Gordon moved to their own little house.


"Sally was set on having what she calls a 'pretty wedding' and Father gave in. He's always spoiled her."
Nora Nelson about her sister.

Sally was friendly, lively and very popular. She talked a lot, but she wasn't very smart.

Physical appearanceEdit

"In direct contrast with Sally, who was a cool, snowy blonde..."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 15, The First Year[src]


Sally is a female given name of English origin, variant of Sarah which means princess.


Book appearances

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