Ruby Gillis is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gillis, a student of Avonlea school, and the friend of Anne Shirley, Diana Barry, Jane Andrews, Josie Pye and Tillie Boulter.


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Ruby is a very pretty young girl. She has long blonde hair, fair skin, freckles and large blue eyes. She is petite in size. Ruby usually wears ribbons in her hair and is decidedly feminine.


Ruby is very nice and friendly towards all of her friends. Though it took time, she eventually warmed up to Anne, especially after she was forced to stay with her while her house was being repaired after a fire. She has shown to be a little shy and sensitive, especially around Gilbert Blythe, since she likes him. She has shown to be upset whenever someone else gets his attention and very infatuated when he talks to her.


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  • In this universe, Ruby has three younger sisters, whereas in the book series she has older sisters.


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