Richard Keith was the brother of Mr. Keith, and the uncle of Davy and Dora Keith.


Early lifeEdit

Life after Mary's deathEdit

Richard, upon hearing of Mary's death, told Marilla Cuthbert, guardian of the children for the time being, that he would take them. Fall, winter and spring passed... and still no sign of Richard. When Marilla got a letter concerning the twins, Anne was worried they would have to send them to Richard. But apparently, there was no Richard to send them to. Richard had died.

The twins were little worried over their uncle's death... they had never met him. Dora's only fear was that he would be like Mirabel Cotton's uncle.



Richard is a male given name of Old German origin and means powerful leader.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the first chapter of Anne of Avonlea, Marilla said that Mary Keith had a brother in British Columbia. That means Richard wasn't brother of Mr. Keith, but Mary's thus his surname couldn't have been Keith, but Mary's maiden surname. However, near the end of chapter 22, his name is explicitly started to be Richard Keith. This leaves a paradox of sorts.
    • Possible explanations: 1) Mary Keith's maiden name also happened to be Keith, and she was also a Keith, though he was of no relation to her. 2) Richard Keith is not actually Mary Keith's brother, but her husband's, and he is referred to as her brother so as to stay simple.


Book appearances

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