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Reverend Allan
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early 1850s

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Mr. Allan

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Reverend Allan was the husband of Mrs. Allan, the father of two sons and an Avonlea minister.


Early life

Mr. Allan was most likely born in the early 1850s somewhere in Prince Edward Island. Although it is not stated, it can be assumed that he attended school at the age of six and some time later he decided to continue with studies to become a minister. At some point he met his future wife who accepted his marriage proposal. The two got married in June 1877.

Life in Avonlea

Reverend Allan's arrival into Avonlea, was a welcome one. Anne Shirley had forever wished for a minister who was a Kindred spirit, and she was delighted when he and his wife, Mrs. Allan, came.

Reverend Allan and his wife had two children together. They lost their first child shortly after its birth. The baby was buried in the Avonlea graveyard. Their second child was ill, but he survived.

Later life

He works in Charlottetown and trust in 1890 Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe.


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