Ralph Andrews was the son of Harmon and Mrs. Andrews, the younger brother of Jane, Gracie and Billy Andrews and most likely the husband of Dora Keith.


Early lifeEdit

Ralph was born in mid 1870s in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, to Harmon Andrews and his wife. He was raised there along with his older siblings, BillyJane, and Gracie.

Ralph attended Avonlea school and was taught there by Anne Shirley and later by his sister Jane.

"I remember him as a little, round, fat, white-headed fellow who was always at the foot of his class."
Anne Shirley about Ralph.

Ralph likely met Dora Keith for the first time when they both attended Avonlea School. Ralph was said to be at the foot of his class, thus he didn't continue with studies after he had finished school and most likely helped out on the family farm.

Marriage with Dora KeithEdit

In 1892, Ralph and 17 year old Dora Keith were courting. Gilbert Blythe predicted that they would marry soon because Dora was worried that she would become an old maid.

They most likely got married in mid 1890s and after the wedding settled down at Ralph's share of the family farm. It's more than possible they had several children together, who became good friends with their cousins – Davy Keith's children and Billy's and Jane's son.



Ralph is a male given name of old English origin and means wolf counsel.


Book appearances

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