"The Pyes are an exception to every known rule, that's what..."
Rachel Lynde about the Pyes[src]

The Pye family was the largest and most disagreeable family in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island

About the familyEdit

The Pyes were similar to the Sloane family, in size and personality. They often tried to do everything themselves and  often refused do contribute unless one of their own were involved. Pyes were also wealthy considering that they contributed to most of the Avonlea Village Improvement Society subscriptions and Josie Pye was sent to Queen's Academy twice without financial problems.

In Avonlea lived four families of Pyes, although many members lived along the Carmody road.


Members by birth

Members by marriage

  • Mrs. Pye — mother of Gertie and Josie
  • Mrs. George Pye — wife of George Pye, aunt of Anthony, she took him to live with them
  • Mrs. Roger Pye — wife of Roger Pye and resident of Avonlea


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Although the Pye family was a large clan, in Anne of Green Gables series they aren't mentioned very often and only few members of the Pye family are known.


Book appearances

Short story appearances

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