The Pringle family could most certainly be considered the Royal Family of Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

About the familyEdit

The social e-light of Summerside, they either accepted someone, and that someone was thus automatically integrated into the town's activities, or did not, and that person was completely ignored.

"They are as smooth as cream and as slippery as butter."
—a saying about the Pringle family[src]

They most certainly would be polite if you were not accepted... but they could make things unpleasant. However, there were some good traits with them. Laughter, tears, ridiculousness, irrepressible, irreplaceable, grumpy and funny -- such are what makes up a good family. The Pringles had each of these.


Members by birth

  • Mrs. Campbell (nee Pringle) — the great-grandmother of Elizabeth Grayson and the resident of The Evergreens
  • Abraham Pringle — the brother of Myrom Pringle, father of Ellen and Sarah, a sea captain and an unofficial head of the Pringle family
  • Adam Pringle — Summerside High School student
  • Cora Pringle — the relative of Ellen and Sarah Pringle, Summerside High School student
  • Dan Pringle — the husband of Janetta Bird, ate his wife's hat
  • Eleanor Pringle — rumour had Jim Wilcox was driving her
  • Ellen Pringle — the daughter of Abraham Pringle, the sister of Sarah, one of the Maplehurst ladies and an unofficial head of the Pringle family
  • Elsie Pringle — she was madly in love with Vernon Courtaloe
  • Frank Pringle — his wife got up a tea in aid of a church project
  • Fred Pringle — Summerside High School student
  • George Pringle — an employer of Miss Kinsey, his family paid for her monument
  • Hardy Pringle — the father of Myra Pringle, the uncle of Jen, organized a dance and did not invite Anne Shirley
  • Harley Pringle — the friend of Peter MacTabb, had to wheel Peter down the Main Street for an election bet
  • Hattie Pringle — Summerside High School student
  • Herb Pringle — the jolly one, made everyone laugh
  • Homer Pringle — Summerside High School student
  • Hugh Pringle — the friend of Cyrus Taylor, they used to play checkers
  • James Pringle — the father of Jen Pringle, looked like a college professor
  • Jen Pringle — the daughter of James Pringle, the cousin of Myra Pringle, the wife of Lewis Stedman and the student of Anne Shirley during her principalship at Summerside High School
  • Joan Pringle — the friend of Hazel Marr, could not have the party because of her uncle's death.
  • Mary Ann Pringle — the sister of Mrs. Russel Pringle, the cousin/sister-in-law of Russel Pringle, she was hated by her sister
  • Millie Pringle — the daughter of Stephen Pringle and his wife, Summerside High School student
  • Milly Pringle — the friend of Valentine Courtaloe, a good dancer, died very young
  • Morton Pringle — invited Anne Shirley for a supper
  • Myra Pringle — the daughter of Hardy Pringle, the cousin of Jen and the Summerside High School student
  • Myrom Pringle — the brother of Abraham Pringle, a sea captain and supposed cannibal
  • Nathan Pringle — believed that his wife was trying to poison him
  • Parker Pringle — his dog sat at the table with a chair and napkin on his own
  • Roberta Pringle — during her wedding uncle Cromwell dropped dead
  • Russel Pringle — husband/cousin of Mrs. Russel Pringle and brother-in-law/cousin of Mary Ann Pringle
  • Mrs. Russel Pringle (nee Pringle) — the sister of Mary Ann Pringle, the wife/cousin of Russel Pringle, hated her sister
  • Sarah Pringle — the daughter of Abraham Pringle, the sister of Ellen, one of the Maplehurst ladies and an unofficial head of the Pringle family
  • Sid Pringle — Summerside High School student
  • Stephen Pringle — the father of Millie Pringle, the cousin of Black Joe Card, fell from a ladder and killed himself, was buried with eyes wide open
  • Tom Pringle — High School principals boarded at his house
  • Mrs. Taylor (nee Pringle) — the mother of Cyrus Taylor

Members by marriage

  • Janetta Pringle (nee Bird) — the wife of Dan Pringle, died without asking her husband
  • Mrs. Pringle (nee Card) — the mother of Stephen Pringle and the aunt of Black Joe Card
  • Mrs. Frank Pringle — the wife of Frank Pringle, got up a tea in aid of a church project
  • Mrs. James Pringle — the wife of James Pringle, the mother of Jen, she was very clever and Jen inherited her intelligence
  • Mrs. Myrom Pringle — the wife of Myrom Pringle, he threw a glass of water in her face
  • Mrs. Nathan Pringle — the wife of Nathan Pringle, he believed that his wife was trying to poison him
  • Mrs. Stephen Pringle — the wife of Stephen Pringle, the mother of Millie, also known as the Widow Pringle
  • Mrs. Tom Pringle — the wife of Tom Pringle, she was boarding High School principals for years

Other members

  • Alice Pringle — organized a Walking party and did not invite Anne Shirley.
  • Carry Pringle — organized a party and invited Anne Shirley and Katherine Brooke.
  • Meta Pringle — a mouse dropped out of the flowers on her hat during the mass.


  • Joan Pringle's uncle — died in spring 1889.
  • Maplehurst ladies' third cousin — applied for principalship at Summerside High School.

Related familiesEdit

  • Bird family
  • Campbell family
  • Card family
  • Taylor family


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