Pamela Drake was an extremely talkative and energetic saleswoman who lived in Summerside.


Early lifeEdit

Pamela was born in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Drake sometimes during 1850s. She wasn't married (she was still single in September 1889) but she became famous saleswoman.

Visit at Raymond HouseEdit

In September 1889, Anne Shirley babysat Raymond twins, Gerald and Geraldine, who were extremely mischevious. Pamela called at an inopportune moment, and insisted Anne sit down and examine the encyclopedia.

Anne tried to wiggle out of the offer (she knew mischief was brewing) but to no avail. Finally, she agreed to buy the amazing edition. While she was signing her name, she happened to look up.

"Was 'that' Miss Drake... that indescribable object, hatless, spectacleless, almost hairless? Hat, spectacles, false front were floating in the air above her head half-way up to the bathroom window, out of which two golden heads were hanging. Gerald was grasping a fishing-rod to which were tied two cords ending in fish-hooks. By what magic he had contrived to make a triple catch, only he could have told."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, Third Year

Pamela immediately exited the Raymond Property.


"Miss Pamela Drake was not a popular caller in Summerside. She was always "canvassing" for something and it was generally quite impossible to get rid of her unless you bought it, since she was utterly impervious to snubs and hints and had apparently all the time in the world at her command."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 2, Third Year

It was said that none could escape her clutches once they invited her in: nothing would suffice except buying whatever product she was selling.

Physical appearanceEdit


Pamela is a female given name of Greek origin and means honey or all sweetness.


Book appearances

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