Owen Ford was a famous Canadian writer, the second husband of Leslie West, the father of Kenneth and Persis and the grandson of Four Winds Schoolmaster, John Selwyn.


Early lifeEdit

Owen was born probably in 1857 in Ontario to Alice Ford and her husband. He was raised there and attended school at the age of six. His mother told him stories about Four Winds, the place where she was born. Unfortunately, she died when Owen was very small.

Arrival at Four WindsEdit

Marriage with LeslieEdit

Owen and Leslie were married on Christmas Day, 1892. They left Prince Edward Island and moved to Toronto. A year later, Leslie gave birth to their only son, Kenneth. Leslie named him after her dead brother. In 1895, their second child, Persis, was born. Owen named her after his grandmother, Persis Leigh.

They visited Four Winds every summer and stayed in the House of Dreams for holiday. Their children befriended the children of Anne and Gilbert - Ken was good friends with Walter and Jem and Persis with the Blythe twins, Nan and Di.

In 1907, the Ford family went to Japan for a year, where Owen wrote a novel. A few years later, World War I began. During the second year of the War, Kenneth enlisted. Owen and Leslie were afraid for him, but he came back safely and later married Rilla Blythe, the youngest daughter of Owen's friends, Gilbert and Anne.


Physical appearanceEdit


Owen is a male given name of Scottish and Greek origin and means born of yew or youth.

Behind the scenesEdit



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