"One True Friend" is the seventh episode of Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series.


Diana comes down with a case of head-lice and Anne can only feel sympathy. When the other children begin to make fun of Anne for remaining Diana's friend, Anne considers abandoning her friend for her own popularity - Anne must learn a lesson in loyalty.


Diana gets head lice, so Anne tries to help her out. But everyone at school shuns Anne for still being Diana's friend. Felicity invites Anne to a party and the latter accepts. Diana gets upset and yells, "You betrayed me!". After an imagine spot in which she remembers the times Diana stood up for her at the cost of her own popularity, Anne sees the error of her ways and makes up.

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  • Charlotte Arnold as Victoria


Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the end of the episode, Anne and Diana wear fancy costumes. Anne is disguised as a pirate and Diana represents Cinderella from the Disney film Cinderella (1950). She wears the character's iconic dress (however, in purple instead of light blue) and has a similar hairstyle.


This episode was first released on Volume 1 DVD, along with "Babysitter Blues". It was later released as part of the DVD box set Volumes 1-3, which includes five other episodes, namely "Babysitter Blues", "The Sleeves", "Butterflies!", "The Avonlea Herald", and "Oh, Brother!".


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"One True Friend" (Kids Talk)

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