"Myrom wasn't quite so fine, but you don't hear the Pringles talking much about him."
Rebecca Dew[src]

Myrom Pringle was the brother of Abraham Pringle, the member of Pringle family and a seaman.


Early lifeEdit

He was born in the late 18th century somewhere on Prince Edward Island to Mr. and Mrs. Pringle. He was raised there along with his brother Abraham. Eventually, they both became seamen and captains.


Myrom got married probably in early 19th century. One day, his wife made him mad, he up and throwed a glass of water in her face.

Later lifeEdit

In some point of his life, Myrom sailed along with Jonas Selkirk.

"Myrom is home. His ship was burned and they took to the boats. Nearly starved. In the end they et up Jonas Selkirk, who had shot himself. They lived on him till the Mary G. picked them up. Myrom told me this himself. Seemed to think it a good joke."
—Andy Bryce[src]

After that, he stayed in Summerside until his death. He died in old age a few years before Anne Shirley's arrival to Summerside. When Anne found Andy Bryce's diary, she sent it to Ellen and Sarah. They visited her at Windy Poplars and capitulated. They read it but they didn't believe that their uncle was a cannibal.


Myrom was funny man - once he told about great-great-grandfather of Valentine Courtaloe that the road to heaven behind him would be choked with spinning-wheels.


Book appearances

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