Myra Pringle was the daughter of Hardy Pringle and his wife, and the cousin of Jen Pringle.


Early lifeEdit

Myra was born in the early 1870s in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, to Hardy Pringle and his wife. She was raised there along with her cousin Jen Pringle.

Summerside High SchoolEdit

Myra and Jen attended Summerside High School. Myra was the beauty girl at school. Her teacher was Anne Shirley.

"Myra Pringle, Jen's cousin, is the beauty of the school... and apparently stupid. She does perpetrate some amusing howlers... as, for instance, when she said today in history class that the Indians thought Champlain and his men were gods or 'something inhuman'."
Anne Shirley about Myra[src]


Myra has been described as not very intelligent at all, though her stupidity has resulted in some amusing comments in history class.

Physical appearanceEdit

Myra was described as the beauty of the Summerside High School she attended.


Myra is a female given name of Greek origin and means myrrh.

Behind the scenesEdit



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