Mrs. Skinner was the wife of Thomas Skinner and a resident of Valley Road.



Physical appearanceEdit

"The only person in sight was an elderly woman, sitting in a wagon with mail bags piled around her. Two hundred would have been a charitable guess at her weight; her face was as round and red as a harvest-moon and almost as featureless. She wore a tight, black, cashmere dress, made in the fashion of ten years ago, a little dusty black straw hat trimmed with bows of yellow ribbon, and faded black lace mits."
—Anne Shirley[src]


Behind the scenesEdit


  • Arianne Borbach provided the voice of Sarah Skinner in the German audio drama Anne of the Island (2009).


  • It is unclear what was Mrs. Skinner's given name. She introduced herself to Anne as Amelia Skinner; however, later in the same chapter she stated she's Sarah.


Book appearances

Audio drama appearances

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