Mrs. Gibson was the wife of Adoniram Gibson and the mother of Pauline and several other Gibson children.


Early lifeEdit

She was born in 1808 (aged 80 in May 1888) in White Sands. In late 1820s she courted with Adoniram Gibson and she fell in love with him.

Marriage with Adoniram GibsonEdit

They married probably in late 1820s or early 1830s. They had several children - at least two sons and three daughters. Only Pauline's name is known.

In 1843, Mrs. Gibson gave birth to Pauline, her youngest child. All her other children married; only Pauline became an old maid. After Adoniram's death, Pauline took care of her mother.

"All her brothers and sisters being married and all of them determined not to have Mrs. Adoniram in their homes."
Anne Shirley about Pauline and her mother.

Mrs. Gibson also knew Marilla Cuthbert during her life in White Sands. A few years later, in 1873, she and Pauline moved to Summerside.

Life in SummersideEdit


Physical appearanceEdit

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Ingeborg Lapsien provided the voice of Mrs. Gibson in the German audio drama Anne of Windy Poplars (2009).



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Audio drama appearances

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