Kendrick Hammond was the husband of Mrs. Hammond, the father of Ella, Gertie, an unnamed pair of twins, George, Hugo, Julie Anna and Roderick and the owner of the sawmill in the forest near Marysville, Nova Scotia.


Early lifeEdit

Kendrick was born in the late 1840s to Mr. and Mrs. Hammond.

In 1869, Kendrick met his future wife Lottie at her cousin's wedding and danced with her many dances. He seemed to love her curly hair and paid much attention to her. Suddenly he proposed to her and Lottie said yes so quickly that she surprised even herself.


Kendrick and Lottie got married in May 1869 and had together eight children, including three sets of twins. A few years later, Lottie took Anne Shirley in fo help with children and around the house.

Mr. Hammond owned a sawmill near his house, located in the forrest near Marysville.

In February 1876, he died by unknown death and was buried in Marysville. After the funeral, Lottie divided their children among their relatives and moved to the USA to start a new life.


Physical appearanceEdit


Kendrick is a male given name of Welsh origin and means greatest champion.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • In the 1985 film, Mr. Hammond died in his sawmill after he had a heart attack, because Anne was late with lunch.
    • Excluding the above reasoning, Mr. Hammond dies in the same manner and place in the 2009 Anime series Kon'nichiwa Anne: Before Green Gables.
  • In Anne: Journey to Green Gables (2005), he doesn't die and is the one who sends Anne away.


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