Miranda Milgrave (née Pryor) was the daughter of Josiah Pryor, the wife of Joe Milgrave, the owner of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and a friend of Rilla Blythe.


Early lifeEdit

When Miranda's mother died is not clear. It is stated that Mrs. Pryor made Miranda promise not to run away and get married. "I did it, Miranda. It was a terrible mistake."

Marriage with Joe MilgraveEdit

Joseph Milgrave, a lad in his twenties, was courting Miranda Pryor when World War I began. Mr. Pryor, her not-so-well-liked father, had positively beamed on Joe before the war. However, after it started, he disapproved of Joe. When Joe enlisted, he begged Miranda to marry him.

'Run away and marry him,' Rilla advised. But, Miranda could not—due to the promise she'd made to her mother. Rilla did some quick thinking. "Miranda Pryor, if you put me into your hands, I'll have you married to Joe Milgrave by tomorrow afternoon."

The war-wedding was planned!

Susan agreed to make the cake, Rilla and Miranda made up the dress, and Joe sent word that he would have the marriage liscense and ring by the morrow. "Oh, but I do wish I'd have a veil," said Miranda wistfully. At that moment, Mrs. Blythe opened the door. "I want you to wear my veil, Miranda..." The ready tears overflowed.

The next day, whilst Mr. Pryor was away, Joe came to the Pryor home. The best man, (who was more excited than the groom, and wished them 'many happy returns of the day'!), arrived, Miranda dressed in a snowy white with a beautiful veil, and Rilla, who was bridesmaid, prepared herself to be rapt and romantic, as beseemed a war-bride. Unfortunately, it was not at all as she had hoped!

There were several factors working against them. For one, Joe cried bitterly throughout the entire ceremony.

"I felt like just saying to him then and there, 'if you are so sorrowful about marrying me than don't!' But I knew it was just because he knew he'd have to leave me soon."
—Miranda Pryor to Rilla Blythe

For another, James "Jims", who was usually so well behaved, took a fit of shyness and called at the top of his lungs for 'Will, Will'. Nobody took him out because they all wanted to see the wedding, so Rilla had to take her war-baby in her arms.

For a last, Sir Wilfrid Laurier had a fit.

Rilla had warned Miranda not to feed him too much. However, Miranda had done so anyway.

There they were, Joe crying bitterly, Rilla with Jims, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier making grotesque noises behind the piano!

Nonetheless, everything was pulled off and they all got safely through. To be sure, "Mrs. Dead Angus Milgrave" (as Joe had cheerily announced her, to be certain there was no confusion between Mrs. Dead Angus and any Mrs. Live Angus attending!), absently set her pie down on her chair, and then sat on it. Neither her best black silk nor her temper were improved by it, but she took it home. Whiskers-on-the-Moon's pacifist pig should not have it, anyway!

A very happy bride and groom went away for their three day honeymoon at the lighthouse, and Rilla cleaned up the house and left a cold dinner and a note of explanation on the table for Mr. Pryor. When the couple went to the station early on the third morning, Rilla repented of having thought there was nothing romantic about it all. That rapt, sacrificial look in Miranda's eyes when she kissed Joe before his train departed was sufficient.

Thus, Miranda Pryor was married to Joe Milgrave on his last leave home!


Physical appearanceEdit

"She had silvery blonde hair and her eyes were big china blue orbs that looked as if she had been badly frightened when she was little and had never got over it."
Rilla of Ingleside, Chapter 3[src]


Miranda is a female given name of Latin origin and means worthy of admiration.


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