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Minnie May Barry
Biographical information

late 1873 or early 1874

Also known as

Minnie May

Physical information


Hair colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members


Aunts and uncles

  • Josephine Barry (great-aunt)
  • Atossa Coates (great-aunt)
  • Sarah (great-aunt)
  • Charles Murray (uncle)

In-law family

Nieces and nephews


Barry family


Avonlea school

See also
Portrayal in other universes
  • BBC
  • Nippon Animation
  • Sullivan Entertainment live-action
  • Green Gables Fables
  • Project Green Gables
  • Breakthrough Entertainment
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Minnie May Barry was the younger sister of Diana Barry and the daughter of George and Mrs. Barry.


Early life

Minnie May was born in Orchard Slope, Avonlea, to George and Mrs. Barry in late 1873 or early 1874. She was raised there along with her older sister Diana.


In January 1877 her parents went to Charlottetown and Minnie May stayed home with Diana and Mary Joe. Unfortunately, she got croup and Diana was afraid that she could die. Diana ran to Green Gables for help and Matthew went for doctor.

Anne Shirley came with Diana to Orchard Slope and saved Minnie May's life with ipecac. After this incident Mrs. Barry forgave Anne and allowed the girls to see each other again.

School life

Minnie May attended Avonlea school in September 1880, when she was six years old. Unknown teacher taught there during her first year. Then Anne Shirley, best friend of her sister Diana, became teacher. Minnie May loved her new teacher along with other classmates.

In October 1881, Dora and Davy Keith came to Green Gables. Minnie May befriended one year younger Dora. They became best friends and shared their secrets. Dora told her that she liked Paul Irving.

Later life


Physical appearance


Minnie is the female given name, variant of Mary and Wilhelmina. It was popular in the 1870s. May is the female given name, variant of Mary, and means the fifth month.

Behind the scenes


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Book appearances

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