Minerva Tomgallon was last member of the glorious Tomgallons who invited Anne Shirley for a dinner to the Tomgallon House.


Early lifeEdit

Anne's visitEdit


Physical appearanceEdit

"She looks exactly as you would expect a Minerva Tomgallon to look... tall and thin, with a long, narrow white face, a long thin nose and a long thin mouth. That doesn't sound very attractive, yet Miss Minerva is quite handsome in a stately, aristocratic style and is always dressed with great, though somewhat old-fashioned, elegance. She was quite a beauty when she was young, Rebecca Dew tells me, and her large black eyes are still full of fire and dark lustre. She suffers from no lack of words..."
Anne Shirley to Gilbert Blythe concerning Minerva Tomgallon.


Minerva is a female given name of Latin origin and means the mind.


Book appearances

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