Millie Keith was the wife of Davy Keith.


Early lifeEdit

Millie was most likely born in the late 1870s or early 1880s, possibly in Avonlea. She attended the local school at the age of six. She might have met her future husband, Davy Keith, at school and at some point they started courting.


Millie and Davy married in late 1890s. Of course, Davy's guardians Marilla and Rachel were invited along with his sister Dora, her husband Ralph and Wright family, including Diana, Fred, Anne Cordelia, Jack and Fred Jr. Also Anne, Gilbert and their children Jem, Walter, Nan and Di came for the wedding from Glen St. Mary.

After the wedding, Millie and Davy lived at Green Gables along with Marilla and Rachel. They had together several children who befriended the Wright and Blythe children.


"It's not so lonesome now since Davy got married... Millie is a real nice little thing... such pies!... though she's curious as a chipmunk about everything."
Rachel Lynde about Millie.
Millie was very curious, nice, and sweet.


Millie is a female given name, variant of Millicent, Amelia, Mildred or Camilla. This name was popular in late 19th century and means industrious, work, bee or honey.


Book appearances

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