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A Kindred Spirit
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  • Hi! I remember you wanted to help us with everything related to the upcoming TV series Anne (2017). The cast was announced on Friday and many promo and behind the scenes pictures (as well as information) are expected to appear on the official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

    I was thinking about creating a Project here on Wiki (parallel to the ones we already have), but I have to discuss it with Susannah first. If we create the project, all the CBC-universe pages will be included in a special Project category. Therefore, you (and everyone else) would know which pages are related to the TV series and need to be edited or created (I'll enclose a special Wanted Pages list which will be updated during the airing of the show).

    Right now, this is the list of all the CBC-universe-related pages. They will need to be updated, created and taken care of. :)

    General pages

    Have a nice day!

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    • I'm so jealous that you guys have seen it already. =[ And I totally understand about discussions but just thought I'd ask.

      Yes, let me know what you think of the background whenever you have time. No rush. I'll probably poke around the pages and add any new information I come across. I might take you up on writing a review, although I don't know how useful it'll be as I'm not as much as an expert as you guys. So we shall see.

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    • One of our users is Canadian so she watched the premiere on TV. I streamed the episodes online, either in CBC's web archive or somewhere else. It is widely available, as are many TV shows after all. I am pretty sure you'll like it! :) 

      I think the background looks great, we'll see how it will look when it is activated. :) I think I would only change the blurry edges, they are not necessary. 

      It will be really great if you help us with the content and updating the pages. We really need more editors! And don't be afraid, you can write long reviews or even short comments! You don't have to be an expert to express your feelings and opinion! And you may bring a fresh point of view! We know the original novels and many adaptations, I personally have watched and researched so many of them that sometimes I fear that I am biased. I have tendency to compare all the different portrayals. Anyways, it is cool that you are here willing to help us! 

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    • A Kindred Spirit
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