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Mary Miles Minter
Biographical information

April 25, 1902
Shreveport, Louisiana, USA


August 4, 1984
Santa Monica, California, USA

Birth name

Juliet Reilly

Family members


  • Joseph Homer Reilly (father)
  • Charlotte Shelby (mother)


  • Margaret Shelby (sister)


  • Brandon O'Hildebrandt (husband)
Career information
Stage name

Juliet Shelby
Mary Miles Minter

Years active

1912 - 1923


Anne Shirley

Mary Miles Minter was an American actress and the first actress who ever portrayed Anne Shirley.



Year Title Role
1912 The Nurse
1915 The Fairy and the Waif Viola Drayton
Always in the Way Dorothy North
Emmy of Stork's Nest Emmy Garrett
Barbara Frietchie Barbara
1916 Rose of the Alley Nell Drogan
Dimples Dimples
Lovely Mary Mary Lane
Youth's Endearing Charm Mary Wade
Dulcie's Adventure Dulcie
Faith Faith
A Dream of Two Ago Millicent Hawthorne
The Innocence of Lizette Lizette
1917 The Gentle Intruder Sylvia
Environment Liz Simpkins
Annie-for-Spite Annie Johnson
Periwinkle Periwinkle
Melissa of the Hills Melissa Stark
Somewhere in America Rose Dorgan
Charity Castle Charity
Her Country's Call Jess Slocum
Peggy Leads the Way Peggy Manners
The Mate of the Sally Ann Sally
1918 Beauty and the Rogue Roberta Lee
Powers That Prey Sylvia Grant
A Bit of Jade Phyllis King
Social Briars Iris Lee
The Ghost of Rosy Taylor Rhoda Eldridge Sayles
The Eyes of Julia Deep Julia Deep
Rosemary Climbs the Heights Rosemary Van Voort
Wives and Other Wives Robin Challoner
1919 The Amazing Impostor Joan Hope
The Intrusion of Isabel Isabel Trevor
A Bachelor's Wife Mary O'Rourke
Yvonne from Paris Yvonne Halbert
Anne of Green Gables Anne Shirley
1920 Judy of Rogue's Harbor Judy
Nurse Marjorie Lady Marjorie Killonan
Jenny Be Good Jenny Riano
A Cumberland Romance Easter Hicks
Sweet Lavender Lavender
Eyes of the Heart Laura
1921 All Souls' Eve Alice Heath / Nora O'Hallahan
The Little Clown Pat
Don't Call Me Little Girl Jerry
Moonlight and Honeysuckle Judith Baldwin
Her Winning Way Ann Annington
1922 Tillie Tillie Getz
The Heart Specialist Rosalie Beckwith
South of Suva Phyllis Latimer
The Cowboy and the Lady Jessica Westoon
1923 Drums of Fate Carol Dolliver
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine June Tolliver

Behind the scenes


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