Mary Keith was the mother of Davy and Dora Keith.


Early lifeEdit

Mary was most likely born in the early 1850s, possibly in East Grafton. She was raised there and attended school at the age of six. Later she met Mr. Keith, a third cousin of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert, and accepted his proposal.


They married probably in 1874. One year later, Mary gave birth to twins and named them Davy and Dora. Both looked like her with golden curls and hazel eyes. However, Dora was quieter, and Davy was a "holy terror", as Mrs. Lynde called him when the children came to Green Gables.

A few years later, her husband died and she lived alone with her children. When Davy and Dora were six years old, she was often ill. Marilla used to visit her. Mary was afraid about her children and Marilla promised her that she and Anne Shirley would take care of them in Avonlea.


Before her death, she told Davy to watch over his sister, and be a gentleman. Mary Keith died in October 1881 and was buried in the East Grafton graveyard.


Physical appearanceEdit


Mary is a female given name of Latin origin and means beloved.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Coral Atkins portrayed Mary in the first episode of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.


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