Martin Neil is an English actor, also known for his role of Fred Wright in the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea.



Year Title Role
1972 Tightrope Jeff
1973 The Upper Crusts Gareth Seacroft
Freewheelers Dave
1975 Anne of Avonlea Fred Wright
Churchill's People Jack
Good Neighbors Brian
Comedy Premiere Justin Warner
1976 The Glittering Prizes Michael Deakin
Survivors Philip
Intimate Games Joe
The Experts Jack
The Emigrants Phil
1978 Hazell Mr. Doddimead
The Standard Bobby McPhie
The Devil's Crown Geoffrey
International Velvet Mike
1978 - 1979 Accident Stephen Mitchell
1979 Danger UXB Various Characters
Henry IV Part II Prince Humphrey of Gloucester
1980 Minder Reporter
1984 Doctor Who Maddox
1997 - 2001 Bernard's Watch Mr. Beasley
2000 - 2003 Down to Earth George Roebuck

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Actors who portrayed Fred Wright
Live-action actors
Martin Neil · Bruce McCulloch · Greg Spottiswood · Barry Stillwell · John Wamsley · Mikke Metsänen
Voice actors
Nicola Devico Mamone
Stage actors
Christopher Gillis · Andrew German

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