Margaret Griffin (better known as Nonnie Griffin) is a Canadian actress who portrayed Diana Barry in Anne of Green Gables (1956) and in its 1958 reprise.


Griffin studied both at the Toronto Conservatory and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Year Title Role
1954 Kathleen Kathleen
When Soft Voices Die
1956 Anne of Green Gables Diana Barry
1957 Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans Sally Brown
1958 Anne of Green Gables Diana Barry
1960 Too Young to Love Bit Part
Armchair Mystery Theatre Christine
1963 Alexander Graham Bell
1963 - 1964 Room to Let
1967 Counter Etiquette. Part 1
1969 Strange Paradise Beryl Forbes
1970 Castle Zaremba
1972 The Whiteoaks of Jalna
1973 Royal Suite
1974 - 1980 Polka Dot Door
1978 King of Kensington
1980 Bizarre Various Characters
1982 If I Could See What I Hear Mrs. Steffen
1983 The Littlest Hobo Mrs. Cavanaugh
1985 Ewoks Additional Voices
1986 Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation Harmony Bear
The Care Bears
1986 - 1987 Adderly
1987 The Believers Cigar Couple
1988 - 1990 The Raccoons Mrs. Pig
1989 Street Legal Mrs. Burke
1994 RoboCop Dorothy Murphy
1995 Forever Knight Nick's Mother
1996 The Toy Shop
An Angel for Christmas
A Little Princess
A Husband, a Wife and a Lover Mrs. Feld
The Abduction Woman at Gas Station
2002 - 2003 Doc Dottie Johannson
2003 Good Fences Mrs. Winsloe
2011 Wild Life
2012 The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2012: Animation
Old Stock Pretty Senior

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