Margaret was the love interest of Jim Boyd.


Early lifeEdit

Margaret was probably born in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island. She was most likely raised there or in other nearby villages and attended school at the age of six.

Margaret's fateEdit

One day in 1841, Margaret fell asleep in her father's dory. She drifted out of the channel, beyond the bar and into a thundersquall. Supposedly, she died, but nothing was truly known of her fate.


Jim Boyd was deeply saddened by her death, and hoped to keep her legacy alive as he was the only one who remembered her. He often told her story and had it included in his life-book when Owen Ford was writing it for him.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She had pale, brown hair and a little white, sweet face, and long slender fingers like yours, Mistress Blythe, only browner, for she was a shore girl."
Jim Boyd to Anne Blythe about Margaret's appearance[src]

Margaret was a brown-haired shore girl who had a little white, sweet face. She had long slender fingers like those of Anne except they were browner.


Margaret is a female given name of Greek origin and means pearl.

Behind the scenesEdit


Book appearances

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