Maplehurst is a lavish manor located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. It is the home of Ellen and Sarah Pringle, who were described as the "Maplehurst ladies."


Physical appearanceEdit

"Maplehurst is a proud, exclusive house which draws its trees around it and won't associate with common houses. It has a big, white, wooden woman off the bow of old Captain Abraham's famous ship, the Go and Ask Her, in the orchard and billows of southernwood about the front steps, which was brought out from the old country over a hundred years ago by the first emigrating Pringle. They have another ancestor who fought at the battle of Minden and his sword is hanging on the parlor wall beside Captain Abraham's portrait. Captain Abraham was their father and they are evidently tremendously proud of him."
Anne Shirley, in a letter to Gilbert Blythe on her visit to Maplehurst[src]

In the interior of Maplehurst, Anne Shirley mentions the house has "stately mirrors over the old, black, fluted mantels", and a number of other ornaments, including a glass case containing wax flowers, ships with beautiful ships from long ago, large conch shells, a hair-wreath of all the known Pringles, and a many-fanned quilt on the bed in a spare room. The parlour contained mahogany Sheraton chairs and marble-topped tables, was lined with silver-striped wallpaper, had heavy brocade curtains over the windows, an enormous chandelier suspended from the ceiling, and an exotic round mirror with a clock in the centre that Anne admired.

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