Lucilla Harris was the niece of Samuel Lawson and his wife and the lady clerk in her uncle's store.


Early lifeEdit

Lucilla was probably born in the late 1850s in Carmody, Prince Edward Island, to Mr. and Mrs. Harris. She was raised there and most likely attended local school at the age of six.

Work in a storeEdit

In 1877, Lucilla's uncle Samuel Lawson expanded his business and employed her to help him and his son in the store. When Matthew Cuthbert came to Carmody to buy a new dress for Anne as a Christmas present, he decided to go to Samuel Lawson's store instead of William Blair's store. Matthew was shocked as he didn't expect a woman to be there.

"What can I do for you this evening, Mr. Cuthbert?"
—Lucilla Harris[src]

Matthew was nervous and he didn't know what to say and eventually asked for some garden rakes. Lucilla looked surprised to hear a man inquiring for garden rakes in the middle of December. Then he asked for hayseed and brown sugar, but didn't find enough courage to ask for a dress for Anne. Matthew left the store with new rake and twenty pounds of sugar.


Physical appearanceEdit

"She was a niece of his wife's and a very dashing young person indeed, with a huge, drooping pompadour, big, rolling brown eyes, and a most extensive and bewildering smile. She was dressed with exceeding smartness and wore several bangle bracelets that glittered and rattled and tinkled with every movement of her hands."
Anne of Green Gables, Chapter 25[src]


Lucilla is a female given name and means light. It is a variant of Lucy, a name of Latin origin.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Lucilla does not appear in the 1985 film; instead, her character has been substituted with Alice Lawson (portrayed by Mag Ruffman), who also appears in the 1987 sequel.


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