Charlotte "Lottie" Hammond was the wife of Mr. Hammond, the mother of Ella, Gertie, an unnamed pair of twins, George, Hugo, Julie Anna, and Roderick.

After the death of Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Hammond agreed to take care of Anne Shirley in exchange for having Anne help care for the Hammond children.


Early lifeEdit

Lottie was born in late 1849 or early 1850 in Maine, USA. She was raised there and most likely attended the local school. 

In 1869, Lottie met Mr. Hammond at her cousin's wedding and danced with him many dances. He seemed to love her curly hair and paid much attention to her. Suddenly he proposed to her and Lottie said yes so quickly that she surprised even herself.

Marriage with Mr. HammondEdit

Their wedding took place in May 1869. They had together eight children including three sets of twins. In 1873Anne Shirley moved in with the Hammonds after Mr. Thomas died, for a help with children and around the house.

Three years later, her husband died and was buried at Marysville graveyard. Lottie divided her children among her relatives and sent Anne to the Hopetown asylum. Lottie moved to the USA and started her new life there.


Mrs. Hammond treated poor Anne as a servant.

Physical appearanceEdit


Charlotte is a female given name of Old German origin and means free man. This name was very popular in 19th century.

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