The Ladies' Aid Society was a women's charitable organisation affiliated with the Presbyterian Church on Prince Edward Island.


The society carried out philanthropic activities, which included organizing bazaars and fundraisers, and sewing quilts and clothes for the poor and needy.


Avonlea, Prince Edward Island

Glen St. Mary, Prince Edward Island

  • Edith Bailey
  • Mrs. Elder Baxter
  • Anne Blythe (née Shirley)
  • Cornelia Bryant
  • Mrs. George Carr
  • Mrs. Tom Chubb
  • Annabel Clow
  • Mrs. Grant Clow
  • Mrs. Theodore Clow
  • Candace Crawford
  • Martha Crothers
  • Agatha Drew
  • Mrs. Bruce Duncan
  • Mrs. Carter Flagg
  • Elizabeth Kirk
  • Tillie MacAllister
  • Christine Marsh
  • Mrs. Morton MacDougall
  • Mrs. William McCreery
  • Mrs. Meade
  • Mrs. Allan Milgrave
  • Mrs. Simon Millison
  • Myra Murray
  • Mrs. Palmer
  • Emma Pollock
  • Mrs. David Ransome
  • Celia Reese
  • Mrs. Donald Reese
  • Sarah Taylor

Summerside, Prince Edward Island


Book appearances

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